As many of you are aware we are going at least another two weeks (maybe 3 weeks) with baseball/softball for the kids. To say this has been “not our normal year” is an understatement. But we have managed, and perhaps most importantly, got the kids out of the house and having a little fun.

First some bad news – We alluded to trying to pull off a modified Marty Lyons Baseball/Softball Classic this year in August. We are not going to be able to do that this year. Believe me when I tell you, we are as disappointed as you are.
So for the rest of our season, which has turned out to be a nice one under the circumstances, we are going to do the following:

  •  Boys and Girls – 9-12 – we will practice on your normal schedule. On Saturday the 11th and 18th we are going to organize POD games. They may take the form of a Round Robin set of games, may be Coach pitch, or some other solution…but we are wanting to the kids to have some game experiences before we break for the summer. We will make a decision before the 18th as to whether we are going to go for a third week staring the 19th and ending the 25th…or call it good at the 18th. We will keep you posted.
  •  Boys – 13-14 – we will practice on your normal schedule. This Thursday you will have a game at the Jr High field against Ellsworth. Your Coach will brief you on the time for the game. Please be advised we will be taking temperatures before this game. Any elevated temperatures beyond 100.4 we will need to make a game time decision as to whether the child can play. The 13-14 year old group does not have anyone else to play other than Ellsworth, and we have verified what safety precautions they have been taking, and are satisfied with their approach. We may or may not play an away game with Ellsworth at this level. We will keep you posted. This group would also end the 18th, or potentially the 25th.
  • CoEd – 6-8 – we will practice on our normal schedule. We would love to see a player/parent fun day on the 18th on Field 5 where they kids get to play a modified scrimmage to round our their season. I will get with Frank and Anna and see what this could look like. Could also be done on the 25th is we go that third week.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions. We appreciate your patience as we have navigated this “new territory” together.

Best Always,
Tony McKim