Acadian Little League

Acadian Little League is a not-for-profit group which desires to foster the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, and respect for authority, so that participants develop into healthy and responsible adults. ALL provides a safe and encouraging environment, and welcomes players of all skill levels in the Mount Desert Island area.

Participating in ALL gives children the opportunity to develop the fundamental skills of the game of baseball, learn sportsmanship, socialize with their peers, develop leadership qualities and actively participate as a valuable team member. ALL is more than players, it is parents, coaches, volunteers, assistants, siblings and other family supporters. The league personnel, parents, and all participants share the responsibility of making Little League a safe and wholesome activity. All players should leave the field feeling that their presence mattered, even if time was spent on the bench.

Your involvement enables us to continue to teach basic baseball skills and fundamentals, instill good sportsmanship and promote the life-long benefits of physical fitness to youth in the greater Mount Desert Island area. We encourage you to volunteer, come to a game, eat a hot dog, and proudly help perpetuate an American tradition.


(Depending on the number who sign up)

2-3 Minor League Softball Teams, Ages 9-10
2-3 Major League Softball Teams, Ages 11-12
1 Junior League Softball Team, Ages 13-14
1 Senior League Softball Team, Ages 15-16

4-6 Minor League Baseball Teams, Ages 9-10
4-6 Major League Baseball Teams, Ages 11-12
1 Junior League Baseball Team, Ages 13-14
1 Senior League Baseball Team, Ages 15-16

Co-Ed Farm League, Ages 7-8 (coach pitch)